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Let us introduce reviews of our customers who chose BGN Ophthalmic Clinic

Lasik Treatment

From Smile to Intraocular Lens Implantation

Original Smile

Xtra Smile Lasik is the operation for preventing degenerative myopia and conical cornea. It operates Collagen Cross linking additionally with existing Smile Lasik which makes eyesight clear through not making corneal flap, separating and removing corneal parenchyma only by minimum incision.

  • 2mm Minimum Incision and Cornea Strengthening System
  • It is the best for the people who have thin cornea and high corrected eyesight
  • Preventing degenerative myopia and conical cornea

All-in-one Smile

All-in-one Smile Lasik is eye correction surgery of new advanced way to remove the flap of Lasik and the concern about corneal clouding.

  • One-Step Operation Method
  • Skipping the process of cutting cornea
  • Minimizing xerophthalmia, various complications and Fuzzy night vision problem
  • Possible to get customized operation in personal

Slim fit lasik

Slim fit lasik of BGN Eye Clinic is the most stable premium lasik of all lasik surgeries. It is already proved in worldwide, and takes surgery safely through cutting the cornea rather than surgeries by laser.

  • Realizing stable and ideal 80μm flap of the cornea
  • Minimizing the corneal loss
  • High level stability
  • Minimizing xerophthalmia

Scout +Plus Lasik

Scout +Plus Lasik is specialized only in BGN, and it makes the resolution of eye sight high and improves night vision perfectly through using Scout Wave Front Analyzer which is different from existing Wave Front.

  • Possible to correct various higher order aberration
  • Minimizing Fuzzy Night Vision and Irisopsia
  • The operation which is optimized in the corneal condition
  • Customized flap and Maximizing qualitative improvement of the eyesight

Clean View Lasik

Clean View Lasik uses ‘ifs 2.2v’ which is advanced model of sixth generation and already operated above five million cases in worldwide. And it strengthened the effect of vision correction more after the operation because it got strong external impact and tighten safe during the operation by ifs Plus+ equipment that the stability is proved in the extreme situation.

  • Excelled in Astigmatism Correction Effect
  • Strong on external shock
  • Possible to get oval corneal section
  • Minimizing xerophthalmia

Z4 lasik

Z4 lasik of BGN Eye Clinic is the upgraded eye correction surgery from existing lasik surgery through using femtosecond laser which Ziemer(Representative optics enterprise in the indstry) has.
Z cut is the new way of corneal section, and it has 5,000 KHz speed which no one can realized. It also facilitates clear recovery of vision much faster through exquisite flap which cuts by the laser of Z cut way.

  • Making Corneal Section through the fast laser of 5MHz
  • Minimizing heat injury of the cornea
  • 3D laser beam
  • Z4 Cutting Method

New Visu-Max lasik

New Visu-Max lasik is the advanced future-style lasik. Its upgraded accuracy brings safety through using three-dimensional technology of the corneal flap while the laser is 2 times faster than existing Visulasik.

  • Awarded the most Visumax prize of WOC TOKYO
  • Full automatic ophthalmostasis
  • 3D curved lens
  • Hypo-allergenic laser

Micro Scout Lasik

Micro Scout Lasik removes higher order aberration with using Scout Wave Front Analyzer and improves the quality of eyesight.
It grafts ORK Software program onto the test equipment for each corneal topographic patterns and reduces errors of the test about aberration of the cornea which takes 80% of the whole eyeballs’ aberration through using Zernike Polynomials. And it enables to get customized eyesight by making aberration quantified.

  • Clear eyesight recovery through checking higher order aberration
  • Excelled in Astigmatism Correction Effect
  • Less pain, Fast recovery
  • Qualitative improvement of the eyesight through higher resolution implementation

Prime Lasik

Prime Lasik is the surgery for securing fast speed of the laser and accuracy through the Amaris which combines 750Hz laser of the high speed and dimension-six eye tracking equipment.
The Prime lasik of BGN Eye makes the face of Corneal epithelium Clinic through Microkeratome and offers more exquisite eyesight correction surgery through New Amaris 750S.

  • The Combination of 750Hz laser and dimension-six eye tracking equipment
  • Qualitative improvement of the eyesight through the wavefront
  • Minimizing the corneal damage
  • 0.54mm super gaussian beam

Basic Lasik

It is the way to correct eyesight through the shooting beam of the laser on the real part of the cornea after making thin sectioning to cornea. It is the surgery that avulse upper part of the cornea to the thickness of about 0.1 mm through using microkeratome-assisted for protecting epithelial cell and Bowman membrane and recovers upper part of avulsing cornea after cutting up to the quantity it needs by using laser.

  • Less pain, Fast recovery
  • Minimizing corneal opacity
  • Visual acuity improvement
  • High stability

Slim Fit Lasek

The Slim Fit Lasek of BGN Eye Clinic is the safest premium lasek of all lasek surgeries. It also has less pain, shorter periods of recovery, and takes surgery safely due to less cutting.
It removes corneal epithelium in hypo allergenic by the optimized way such as the laser and minimizes the loss of corneal with cutting real corneal only through advanced save mode.

  • The best solution for excessive myopia and thin cornea
  • Preventing opacity and regression of the cornea
  • Minimizing the damage of corneal tissue
  • Possible to get operation of Strong prescriptionand thin cornea

Scout Plus Lasek

Scout PlusLasek is specialized surgery only in BGN Eye Clinic. It is the best solution for the people who hesitate to do the surgery due to corneal opacity and slow recovery. And it expects to get qualitative improvement of the vision through using Scout Wave Front Analyzer.

  • Qualitative improvement of the eye sight through customized refraction correction
  • Night vision improvement
  • Precise Astigmatism Correction
  • Minimizing Fuzzy Night Vision and Irisopsia

Laser Fit Lasek

Laser Fit Lasek is the exquisite and perfect surgery to secure stability and remedy existing lasek’s shortcomings.
Existing Lasek surgeries remove corneal epithelium by passive way such as using equipments and medication, however, Laser Fit Lasek removes only minimum range by customized way through optimized systems such as precise advanced laser.

  • Fast recovery and pain reduce
  • Preventing corneal opacity and Fuzzy night vision
  • Minimizing epithelial removal of the cornea, Preserving remaining cornea above 50μm

Eye Fit Lasek

Eye Fit Lasek is the eyesight correction surgery which has faster recovery and less pain than existing all laser lasek.
Eye Fit Lasek of using the amnion is the customized surgery, and it has strong points such as faster and clearer the recovery of eyesight and less pain than painless lasek.

  • Fast recovery and preventing corneal opacity
  • Excelled in Astigmatism Correction Effect, High improvement of the vision
  • Minimizing xerophthalmia and Fuzzy night vision

Prime Lasek

Unlike existing Lasek surgery, Prime Lasek has the strong point about pain relief through cooling system.
It prevents corneal opacity through using Mitomycin and is possible to take customized eyesight correction by advanced excimer laser.

  • Minimizing xerophthalmia
  • Possible to take operation for corneal opacity
  • Relieving pain

Basic Lasek

Basic Lasek is a little slower recovery of eyesight than the lasik because it does not make the flap and the pain may stay for few days. However, it also has good stability because it is really strong on physical impact and makes the cornea thicker.

  • Relieving pain through GCS(painless)
  • Minimizing corneal opacity
  • Strong on physical impact
  • Possible to take operation for thin cornea

Aqua ICL & Toric Aqua ICL

AQUA ICL of BGN is the best premium intraocular lens implantation which has bioaffinity and COLLAMER as well as it does not need iridectomy.
It enables natural flow of aqueous humor through minute hole of 360μm on the center of lens and minimizes pain compared to existing ICL.

  • Peri-optic Hole (360μm) of the optical portion’s center
  • Possible to skip iridectomy
  • Widespread correction of eye sight
  • Decrease of the side effect and Possible to take 1 day surgery

Icl & Artiflex

ArtiFlex of BGN is the final version of Artisan that OPHTEC(Netherlands) developed and is eyesight correction lens for the phakic. And it is equal to the function with Artisan lens. However, it is possible to take surgery by less operation slit because it made from folding materials.
It is very safe and satisfied highly due to faster recovery speed, outstanding correction, and no damage of corneal back side.

  • ICL has the longest history and was proved from FDA
  • Offering permanent vision
  • 100% Cornea Preservation
  • Decreasing Glare phenomenon and side effects

all laser

Laser cataract surgery makes accuracy and safety much higher compared to the surgery by hands. It expects better result by using fast and unerring femtosecond laser that has 3D OCT(Optical coherence tomography) than normal cataract surgery.

  • Fast and natural recovery through solid corneal section of the minimal length
  • Precise capsotomy
  • Perfect capsotomy of original form, and it is precise 12 times more than normal surgery for cataract
  • Preventing complications such as the inclination and decentration of artificial eye lens after surgery

BGN will be the best eye clinic in Korea

With it's systematic and unprecedented testing system and equipment,
BGN Eye Clinic will provide best service for you


Do you have any inquiry?
Please inquire if you have anything/any information from customized operation method for me to get free testing request!
BGN Eye clinic will give you a quick and correct answer.

50+1 checkups program of BGN

The secret of safe surgery starts from rigorous checkups!
You can take the test of kind and professional optometrists from simple eyesight test
to the state of your eyes that you do not know for free.

Basic Checkups

  1. 1Medical Examination by interview
  2. 2Eyesight Test
  3. 3Test I for automated curvature of the refraction
  4. 4Test II for automated curvature of the refraction
  5. 5Intraocular pressure test
  1. 6Eyeground scanning
  2. 7Detailed range of vision checkups
  3. 8Corneal endothelial cell test
  4. 9Glaucoma Test
  5. 10Pupil’s size test
  1. 11Uncorrected vision test
  2. 12Manifest refraction test
  3. 13Cycloplegic refraction test
  4. 14Ocular dominance test
  5. 15Heterophoria/Strabismus test
  1. 16Cross cylinder test
  2. 17Corneal topographic patterns test

In-depth Checkups

  1. 1Corneal degree of curve
  2. 2Conical cornea
  3. 3Zywave Scan Test
  4. 4Testing Higher order aberration
  5. 5Solid checkups of corneal front part
  1. 6Testing corneal opacity and cataract
  2. 7CT Scanning
  3. 8Ultrasound test
  4. 9Testing the quantity of lacrimation
  5. 10Slit lamp checkups
  1. 11Customized consultation about vision correction surgery
  2. 12OCT glaucoma retina checkups
  3. 13Measuring corneal thickness measure by ultrasound
  4. 14eye ground medical checkups
  5. 15Analyzing and consulting about the result of medical checkups
  1. 16ORA Test
  2. 17DNA Test

Why do we need DNA Test?

Avellino corneal dystrophy is the autosomal dominant inheritance disease that gathers opacity increasingly with advancing years due to occurring the clouding of both eyes’ center. If someone who has different form suited person of the Abellino corneal dystrophy has the lasik or lasek surgery, that person should comprehend the existence of medical condition about blindness risk through test before the surgery.

What is difference of BGN’s DNA test
with other clinic?

BGN Eye clinic proceeds the DNA test through the patch of AGT System which the patent technology has applied, and it brings convenience and improves reliability with solving the problems related to existing way of picking cell innovatively. Therefore, it is possible to take fast and accurate Avellino DNA test through advanced Megabase analysis.


BGN will be the best eye clinic in korea.
With its systematic and unprecedented testing system and equipment, BGN Eye Clinic will provide best service for you.

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